Fossil Director

Fossil-director is an HTTP server used to host multiple Fossil repositories, based on the hostname.

The server is meant to run behind nginx or other reverse proxy. Fossil-director will inspect the incoming HTTP Host: header and dispatch to the configured fossil repository.


(Requires Python >= 3.8)

pip install fossil-director


A configuration .ini is required. At minimum, define a hostname and path to the fossil repository:

repo = /path/to/repo.fossil

Each virtual host is a new section. Here are all of the options:

repo = /other/path.fossil
repolist = false                  # if repo is a directory, set this to true to serve 
                                  # a directory index of fossil files
baseurl =  # base url
args = --nodelay --acme           # extra arguments to the `fossil http` command
redirect_root = /some/other/path  # redirect requests for / to the given URI

By default, the server runs on port 7000. Here are the server options:

host =
port = 7000
fossil_cmd = /usr/local/bin/fossil  # path to fossil executable


fossil-director /path/to/config.ini

Here's an example systemd service