nostr relay

nostr relay

This is a python3 implementation of a nostr relay.

To intall:

pip install nostr-relay

To run:

nostr-relay serve

to change the location of the sqlite database and other settings, create a yaml config file that looks like this:

and run with nostr-relay -c /path/to/config.yaml serve

Then add ws:// to your relay list.

(obviously, in production you should use a TLS certificate)

Read more about nostr-relay's features

Check out the Changelog

To checkout the development version, clone this repo using fossil:

fossil clone

pip install -e nostr_relay

You can find me on nostr at npub1cldxy9f5shk0kxm90yk8nn3lum7wdmta3m6ndjcjr4aqcuewjt0sx3rps5 snort link or nprofile